InsideTracker vs. WellnessFX: Which Is Better for Longevity?

Explore the ins and outs of InsideTracker and WellnessFX to make an informed decision on your path to longevity

Daniesha Govender
By Daniesha Govender
Jovan Mijailovic
Edited by Jovan Mijailovic

Published March 6, 2024.

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When it comes to longevity, understanding what's going on inside your body is crucial. InsideTracker and WellnessFX (now Thorne) offer personalized recommendations for your health and well-being.

These platforms can help you to track your progress, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions about your health. It can be challenging to know where to start, so let's explore the key differences between InsideTracker vs. WellnessFX to help you make an informed decision.

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InsideTracker vs. WellnessFX at a glance

CredibilityScientific advisory board, extensive peer-reviewed researchA history of providing health optimization recommendations, affiliations with research organizations
TestUp to 48 blood and dozens of genetic biomarkersUp to 89 blood biomarkers
PricingFrom $699/test for the UltimateFrom $95/test for the Biological Age plan
AppiOS, Android, and webiOS and web
InsideTracker, your personal health analytics dashboard

Optimize your wellness and performance

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48 blood and dozens of genetic biomarkers


Ultimate Plan: $699/test


FSA/HSA (partial)


HIPAA and SOC-2 protection

Brief overview

InsideTracker is a personalized health and wellness platform that aims to help people optimize their biomarkers to live healthier and longer lives. It analyzes genetics, behaviors, and goals to give you personalized nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress, and supplementation recommendations.

Why choose InsideTracker

InsideTracker offers DNA testing for dozens of genetic fitness, nutrition, and longevity genetic markers. Since genetics influence many aspects of your health, the app can provide helpful context and an action plan. It also integrates with wearable devices to collect real-time health data, tracking factors like sleep, activity, and heart rate.

Pros and cons

Science-backed recommendations

Comprehensive blood biomarker testing

DNA testing

Integration with wearables

Encourages retesting every 3 to 6 months

User-friendly interface

Personalized optimal zones

Customizable Action Plan

Not a replacement for medical care

DNA testing not available outside of the U.S.

A person holding a cell phone.


89 blood biomarkers


$830/ Advanced Health Panel test




Not disclosed

WellnessFX (now Thorne) shares a similar goal to InsideTracker: promote healthspan and longevity through data-driven insights.

Once you have collected your sample, mail it to a Thorne-approved laboratory for analysis. Thorne's test results come with a detailed interpretation in 7–10 days. They can help you understand what your results mean and what steps you can take to improve your health.

The biological age panel from Wellness FX uses a proprietary algorithm that analyzes data from hundreds of thousands of biomarkers. This algorithm calculates individual scores for biological, liver, kidney, lipid, metabolic, and blood ages.

Comprehensive health assessments

DNA testing

Licensed healthcare professionals for consulting

iOS only

All tests require a visit to the lab

InsideTracker vs. WellnessFX: credibility


InsideTracker has a scientific advisory board with experts like Dr. David Sinclair—a biologist known for research on aging and epigenetics. Its extensive peer-reviewed research on the effectiveness of its platform in improving blood biomarkers also supports its credibility. [1]


WellnessFX has a long history of providing comprehensive health assessments. It's also affiliated with research organizations like West Point Academy and Duke University.

Winner: InsideTracker and WellnessFX

InsideTracker vs. WellnessFX: biomarkers


With InsideTracker's Ultimate plan, you get up to 48 blood biomarkers like cholesterol and glucose. The test helps you understand your health status and serves as a foundation for the personalized recommendations you receive.

You can also go with the Ultimate + DNA + InnerAge bundle and get comprehensive insights, a biological age test, and genetic scores related to your healthspan.


The panel analyzes a wide range of up to 89 blood biomarkers, covering various aspects of health like inflammation, metabolism, liver function, kidney function, and immune system. The results give a holistic picture of your well-being, including factors beyond nutrition, like hormone levels and cardiovascular health.

Winner: InsideTracker

InsideTracker vs. WellnessFX: pricing


InsideTracker offers multiple testing packages, with the cost of a blood test upload plan starting from $149/test. If you want to determine your biological age, InnerAge 2.0 can help you see how your biomarkers impact your biological age and discover how to add healthy years to your life.

If you want a comprehensive analysis of your overall health, the Ultimate plan offers science-backed nutrition, supplement, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations to improve the biomarkers that aren’t optimal for you.


The pricing typically starts at around $95 for a basic longevity test. It depends on the extent of the type of test and personalized guidance provided.

Wellness FX also offers comprehensive health panels, such as the Essential Health for $390 and the Advanced for $830. Both tests show you if your latest diet or workout is effective, but the premium also measures 89 biomarkers critical to muscle performance and injury reduction.

Winner: WellnessFX

InsideTracker vs. WellnessFX: app


With InsideTracker's app on iOS and Android, you can choose from 13 goals—like heart health, metabolism, and cognition.

It also neatly displays results from your test through 10 healthspan categories you can use to improve your health. You get an impact score, which shows the effectiveness of each recommendation based on the number of biomarkers affected; a higher score means it's more influential.


You only get an iOS app with WellnessFX, which shows your lab results. You can also monitor and check your goals off your list whenever you reach a milestone.

Winner: InsideTracker

InsideTracker vs. WellnessFX: final verdict

In pursuing longevity, a clear understanding of your health and wellness baseline is crucial. It's about understanding your body's unique rhythms and dietary needs. InsideTracker and WellnessFX (now Thorne) offer unique approaches to help you improve your health.

The right platform can be your key to unlocking a healthier, longer life. So, make an informed decision and visit InsideTracker.

InsideTracker doesn't diagnose or treat medical conditions. For any health concerns, consult a qualified healthcare professional.