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David Reich
Cyclist and Father
"Forget about amateur runners, professional athletes or athletes in general. As a 53 year old dad, the information that I got from InsideTracker whether for my athletic performance or in general, was eye-opening. I wish doctors would do a number of these tests because it tells you about your overall health, not just your athletic performance. Blood Don't Lie."
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RJ Umberger
Center, Philadelphia Flyers
"As a professional athlete, I have used Ultimate + InnerAge plan to help maximize my performance and overall health. I am always looking for ways to improve both on and off the ice and InsideTracker gives me immediate and detailed nutritional feedback."
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Ben Bergeron
Fit coach, Fit New England
"Every coach and Fit affiliate should provide this service to their members. Ultimate allows you to see what your athletes/members need to improve their lives. Without it, it's like trying to get someone to improve the Olympic lifting technique without ever seeing them move. It's just general suggestions and recommendations instead of a dialed in, individual approach."
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Panos Panay
"As a busy entrepreneur, I exercise and care about my nutrition to gain an edge. Following InsideTracker's advice, I re-calibrated my fitness routine and improved my diet so that I see real benefits in sleep, energy, and productivity. At 41, I'm in the best shape of my life."
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Kathy Taudvin
Health Conscious Consumer
"Because InsideTracker alerted
me to troublesome markers, I was able to take action. I'm now feeling as vital as I did 20 years ago."
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Joseph Roberts
Retired Master Sergeant & Iraq Veteran
"My InsideTracker results over the last year and a half have helped in my rehabilitation from a roadside bomb explosion in Iraq in 2007, and the VA medical system even took notice. There’s no way to cheat the system; your bloodwork will show what you’re doing right and doing wrong."
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Diane Stokes
Iron Distance Triathlete & Coach
"InsideTracker is great because it can tell you what is going on with your body at any point in time. It gives insight and the tools you need to feel better."
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Daniel Rinehart
Avid Bicyclist & Hiker; Software Developer
"Personalized medicine is one of the most interesting parts of what InsideTracker can do because the biomarkers that it tracks might not be measured by your annual physical. In order to attain your full physical capabilities, you need to have the right information going forward."
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Mark Drangsholt
Chair of Oral Medicine, University of Washington & World-Class Triathlete
"By using InsideTracker, I was able to uncover subclinical disease that the traditional medical care system was not able to, and take targeted steps to improve my health. InsideTracker is an example of the future of healthcare."
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Yolanda Taylor
Owner, Lexington Power Yoga
"InsideTracker discovered things about my body I never would have learned from my doctor. The information has helped to aid my recovery, give me more energy, and put me on a path to better health."
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Steven Tucker
Medical Oncologist & Internist
"InsideTracker is just the kind of 'health dashboard' my patients want. The nutritional and dietary advice is exactly what these 'self-empowered' patients need."
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Jake Cacciapaglia
Director, RunKeeper
Business Development
"Having a scientific way to show optimal ranges for key blood markers and knowing where I stand is very cool. InsideTracker is building tools to help give people more visibility into their health and providing recommendations on what action to take - that's really exciting progress."
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Mark Melancon
Right-handed Relief Pitcher,
Pittsburgh Pirates
"As a professional athlete, InsideTracker has been extremely beneficial to my training. Through the monitoring techniques InsideTracker uses, I am able to pinpoint nutritional defiencies and set more accurate training goals."
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Sam Yang
Owner, All Out Effort Personal Training
"InsideTracker puts information in your hands so you become your best advocate, you learn to understand yourself, and own your information. It's all on a dashboard that you log into online, and it will show your previous results as well."
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Skylar Richards
Head Athletic Trainer
& Sports Scientist, MLS
"InsideTracker helps us monitor how our nutritional approach with the team is working and where individually players need to make improvements. We can customize nutrition plans so that we can help each individual."
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Sky Christopherson
US Olympic Cycling Coach
"By quantifying and optimizing these components and understanding how they are interrelated, you can create breakthroughs in performance. InsideTracker helped to make a measurable difference in my athlete's performance."
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Jarrod Shoemaker
US Triathlete Olympian
"With InsideTracker, you understand your athletic demands and manage your diet to maximize your performance."
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Sarah Haskins
US Triathlete Olympian
"Thank you for assimilating the latest technology trends, the simplicity of the internet, and the knowledge of your team to create the place for nutrition and sports optimization."
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Ruben Sanca
2012 Olympian
"InsideTracker is an essential tool to assist athletes in monitoring their performance needs. The interactive timeline provides excellent data that can be used to plan training cycles and racing schedules."
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Diana Dibble Kurcfeld
"As the owner of 2 businesses, I know my lifestyle impacts my tri training. I have a unique metabolic and hormonal profile that changes with workout intensity. My first test is my baseline and will do future tests as the season progresses. If I hadn’t taken the test, I’d be overdosing on supplements!"
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Julia Sanderson
"I have seen improvement in my overall energy levels for sure. Harder workouts feel easier than they used to as well. I still need to make a few more modifications, but the food suggestions make that so much easier!"
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Mike Wardian
Ultra Marathoner and World Record Holder
"InsideTracker is an innovative, informative way to glean some insight into different ways to improve performance with little changes to your fueling choices. I found a few things that I needed to work on and improve and that can make all the difference when the race gets to the turning point or a record is at stake. "
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Christopher Malenab
Marathoner and Pro Soccer Coach
"Since being introduced to InsideTracker I have found a more balanced way to consume the food (fuel) that I need to stay balanced in all parts of my life. The tangible good that I found was clearly by way of running my first ever sub 3:05 marathon, a BQ and Personal Best. The process of knowing what I need to take in more of and less of is amazing."
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Mark McLaughlin
Endurance Cyclist and Coach
"Too often companies put out a lot of "fluff" with no actionable or practical application, InsideTracker is just the opposite. The personalization is second to none."
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Sarah Mohler
"InsideTracker gave me results based on me. Not just a one-size-fits-all nutrition plan. It helped not having to use guesswork when planning my meals. Now I know what targeted foods to eat and what foods to avoid to help improve my performance for my next run."
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Suzie Snyder
Professional Off-Road Triathlete
"I would definitely recommend InsideTracker, even if you have a good knowledge base of nutrition and health, because you never know where your body is at until you get tested."
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Trevor May
Pitcher, Minnesota Twins
"InsideTracker has given me an opportunity to take my nutrition knowledge to another level. I've seen huge gains in energy levels and increased stability in sleep and recovery because of improvements in my diet, all of which wouldn't have been possible without this service. If you want to get your body to work at it's best, give InsideTracker a try. You won't regret it."
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Kristi Wood
Health conscious consumer
"I am now, at the age of 49, stronger & more energetic than I was in my 20's. I lift, run and cycle, and InsideTracker is a huge help to keep me on track. I love what you are doing! I now have my mom and husband doing it too."
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