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Nutra Ingredients, September 20, 2019

Novel Remote Study Protocol Supports BASF's Plant Sterol

"New study uses remote participants"

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Food Navigator, February 23, 2018

Athletes & Fitness Community Embracing Personalization

"Personalized nutrition is an increasingly hot area."

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Forbes, June 16, 2016

DTC Lab Testing Won't Kill Us, It Will Make Us Stronger

"A bold experiment that will ultimately provide many solid use cases for these tests..."

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Women's Running, April 8, 2016

One Health App Changed A Runners Doctor Visit

"InsideTracker allows me to focus on things that are in my control and take action."

Read more, March 30, 2016

Players Take a New Approach to Nutrition

"It's a good gauge to get ahead of the game."

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FOX Sports, February 18, 2016

Mark Melancon & InsideTracker

"If I don't have my health, I don't have my career so it's kind of a big deal."

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Boston Magazine, March 9, 2015

Local Service May Promote Health and Longevity for Users

"We are all going to get older if we're lucky."

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CBS Sports Radio, February 11, 2015

Advanced Sports Science Is Being Brought To Regular People

"Athletes have been using it successfully, so I'm really excited about it."

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, February 10, 2015

Pirates Melancon depends on web-based platforms to track health, fitness

"I think it's worthwhile for any person, not just an athlete."

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Gizmodo, January 19, 2015

A Health Tracking App Analyzed My Blood and Told Me I'm 31 Going On 54

"If staring at some disappointing data can shake you into making healthy lifestyle changes, that's generally a Good Thing."

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Today Health, January 15, 2015

How old is your body really? New InnerAge test will tell you

"For $99 per test, you get a sneak preview of your own inevitable decay."

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USA Today, January 14, 2015

This Blood Test Promises To Help You Stall Old Age

"Has technology finally unearthed the fountain of youth?"

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CNN Money, January 14, 2015

Why This Is The Best Blood Test You'll Ever Take

"A company called InsideTracker is trying to make blood results much easier to understand."

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Prevention, December 30, 2014

10 Reasons Your Workout's Not Working

"Track your own stats. You no longer need a doctor's order to monitor health risk factors."

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Chicago Sun Times, December 23, 2014

Is Your Body the Same Age as You?

"What we are trying to do is use nutrition as a drug of choice."

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Everyday Health, November 26, 2014

The Newest Way to Quantify Yourself? Get a Blood Test

"...I learned more about my body from a single test with Inside Tracker than I learned from decades of routine blood workups."

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Live Science, November 21, 2014

Can a Commercial Blood Test Make You Healthier?

"I greatly enjoyed learning so much about the state of my body. The blood work results were presented in the most readable way."

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Downtown Magazine, November 19, 2014

InsideTracker: A Personalized Path to Health, Wellness and Performance

"Needless to say, I was shocked by my results."

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PC Magazine, November 14, 2014

Review: Segterra's InsideTracker

"Results, which were turned around in about three days for me, are extremely easy to read because they're plotted in a wonderful online dashboard."

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Forbes, May 29, 2014

Biochemistry Brings Health Management Up Close & Personal

"Their next generation health management tools are tailored to the biochemistry of an individual."

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Outside Magazine, March 1, 2013

They Want Your Blood

"These kinds of game-changing insights have already led to the widespread adoption of blood analysis in the professional ranks."

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Wired, June 7, 2012

Online Tool Helps Athletes Track Performance From the Inside Out

"An online tool allowed her to do just that, with surprising results: Hammer discovered she is deficient in vitamin D."

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Discovery News, April 27, 2012

InsideTracker is Like Having a Dashboard for Your Body

"InsideTracker provides that critical look "under the hood" to understand what your body may be lacking and needing to perform at its best."

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