Editorial Policy

At InsideTracker, our editorial team is dedicated to delivering original and informative content tailored to personalized health planning and enhancing your overall well-being. Our mission is to empower you with trusted healthcare insights and knowledge management solutions to help you live the life you desire as you age gracefully.

Our blogs, articles, and educational content aim to inform our readers about the latest advancements and insights while our editorial principles and standards guide our process, ensuring the delivery of accurate, relevant, reliable, and purposeful content.

Editorial Principles


We commit to delivering top-tier content that meets our high standards. This is made possible through standardized writing, editing, and quality assurance processes, continually refined for excellence. Our network of experts are carefully vetted for advanced knowledge in the field of personalized health planning, and our experienced editors are adept at researching, editing, and proofreading.


Our dedication to accuracy and reliability is unwavering. Editors rigorously fact-check all content before publication, ensuring that the information we provide is trustworthy. We also meticulously review, proofread, and edit all posts to maintain grammatical correctness and clarity.


Integrity, honesty, and transparency are core values for us. Our experts and editors maintain objectivity and avoid biases, disclosing any conflicts of interest when necessary. Content integrity is essential, with valid claims supported by credible sources of information.


We aim to produce content that's easy to navigate and comprehend, free of technical jargon or clarified for better understanding. We strive for inclusivity, providing information beneficial to all, regardless of demographic, geographic, or other differences.


Our content is driven by its relevance and utility to our readers. We cover topics that provide insights adding value to their lives and health. We only approve blog and article topics that can be applied to enhance your personalized health planning.

Editorial Process

Topic Approval, Outlining, and Allocation

Blog topics are thoroughly researched and approved. Editors create outlines to guide the experts on structure, scope, and purpose. Experts are allocated topics matching their subject knowledge and experience.


To ensure accuracy and reliability, editors manually fact-check all the information contained in our blogs.

Editing and Proofreading

Our skilled editors rigorously edit and proofread all content to meet our quality standards.

Sourcing and Crediting

We ensure the credibility of our content by supporting claims with evidence wherever possible. We diligently credit sources that contribute to our content, aligning with our zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism.


The InsideTracker editorial team stays abreast with industry changes, updating content as needed to maintain relevance.


Editors may amend content if errors or inaccuracies are found post-publication. We welcome reader feedback to ensure the highest accuracy.

Our content may include links to third-party websites or resources and content provided by third parties. We do not vet, verify, or evaluate third-party claims, data, resources, products, or services. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the policies and terms and conditions of third parties before making any decisions or transactions.

Terms of Use

Our content may be accessed, downloaded, formatted, or printed for personal use only. Commercial use, publishing, distribution, reproduction, or sale of our content without prior consent is prohibited.


The information published by InsideTracker is not a substitute for professional healthcare advice or services. We strongly recommend consulting with qualified and experienced healthcare professionals before making important health decisions or transactions.


InsideTracker does not assume liability for outdated, incomplete, or incorrect content. We are not responsible for any direct or indirect harm, losses, or damage resulting from the use of our content or resources. Your well-being and health choices are ultimately your responsibility.