InsideTracker vs. Tally Health: Which is Better for Your Longevity and Healthspan?

Discover how InsideTracker and Tally Health compare in helping you reach your longevity goals

Daniesha Govender
By Daniesha Govender
Jovan Mijailovic
Edited by Jovan Mijailovic

Updated April 22, 2024.

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As the sands of time trickle, the urgency to increase your longevity becomes undeniable. With many one-size-fits-all solutions online, InsideTracker and Tally Health stand defiantly against the tide.

Both companies use your health data to help you improve your overall health and well-being. But which can help you with longevity, giving you a wellness routine as unique as your fingerprint?

InsideTracker vs. Tally Health at a glance

InsideTrackerTally Health
CredibilityPeer-reviewed research, a scientific advisory board with members like Dr. David Sinclair—one of the leading experts in agingPeer-reviewed research, co-founded by Dr. David Sinclair—one of the leading experts in aging
Test48 blood and dozens of DNA biomarkersDNA methylation
PriceFrom $699/test for the Ultimate planFrom $199/month
AppiOS, Android, and webWeb only


InsideTracker, your personal health analytics dashboard

Optimize your wellness and performance

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48 blood and dozens of genetic biomarkers


Ultimate Plan: $699/test


FSA/HSA (partial)


HIPAA and SOC-2 protection

Brief overview

InsideTracker is a personalized health and wellness platform that aims to help people optimize their biomarkers to live healthier and longer lives. It analyzes genetics, behaviors, and goals to give you personalized nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress, and supplementation recommendations.

Why choose InsideTracker

InsideTracker offers DNA testing for dozens of genetic fitness, nutrition, and longevity genetic markers. Since genetics influence many aspects of your health, the app can provide helpful context and an action plan. It also integrates with wearable devices to collect real-time health data, tracking factors like sleep, activity, and heart rate.

Pros and cons

Science-backed recommendations

Comprehensive blood biomarker testing

DNA testing

Integration with wearables

Encourages retesting every 3 to 6 months

User-friendly interface

Personalized optimal zones

Customizable Action Plan

Not a replacement for medical care

DNA testing not available outside of the U.S.

Tally Health

A cell phone with the Tally Health app displayed next to some boxes with supplements in the front


DNA methylation


From $199/month


Not covered


No HIPAA and SOC-2 protection

Tally Health uses DNA methylation data to help you slow cellular aging. It was launched in 2023 and co-founded by Dr. David Sinclair and entrepreneur Whitney Casey. Its diagnostic test measures the epigenetic age of your cells. [1] You get an action plan with outlined lifestyle changes and supplements to improve your well-being.

Tally Health uses a proprietary DNA methylation test to measure your biological age. Then, it creates personalized action plans that include lifestyle changes, nutritional recommendations, and potentially its unique daily supplements called "Vitality."

Simple testing

Supplements, in addition to recommendations

Track data over time

Recommendations are generalized


InsideTracker vs. Tally Health: credibility


InsideTracker has a scientific advisory board with renowned experts like Dr. David Sinclair—a biologist known for his research on aging and epigenetics. The platform also has extensive peer-reviewed research on the long-term effectiveness of its recommendations. [2]

Tally Health

Tally Health was co-founded by Dr. David Sinclair—one of the leading world experts on aging and epigenetics. The company also has peer-reviewed research on the aging effect of glycine—an amino acid that your body uses to create protein. [3]

Winner: InsideTracker and Tally Health

InsideTracker vs. Tally Health: what is tested


InsideTracker blood test offers a comprehensive analysis of up to 48 biomarkers for the Ultimate plan. The recommendations are based on parameters like cholesterol, glucose, inflammation, and more.

Tally Health

Tally Health focuses on DNA methylation. The company claims that the patterns in this chemical modification change with age—related directly to lifestyle choices like diet and exercise.

Winner: InsideTracker and Tally Health

InsideTracker vs. Tally Health: pricing


InsideTracker offers a range of plans, with a blood test upload subscription starting at $149, billed yearly. After the purchase, you can quickly transfer your plan to a friend or family member as a gift.

Tally Health

Tally Health subscription starts at $199/month. You can also order a single test for $229.

Winner: InsideTracker

InsideTracker vs. Tally Health: app


The InsideTracker app is a personalized wellness guide that helps you optimize your health and fitness through blood biomarker analysis, nutrition, exercise, and supplement recommendations. It's available for iOS and Android devices.

Tally Health

Tally Health doesn't have an app. You scan the QR code that comes with the test and register via a mobile browser. The results of your test are displayed on a web-based dashboard only.

Winner: InsideTracker

InsideTracker vs. Tally Health: final verdict

Ultimately, the best platform for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. If you want to calculate your biological age, choose InsideTracker's InnerAge 2.0 plan. You’ll establish a healthy biomarker baseline and identify areas for improvement,

On the other hand, if you're specifically interested in DNA methylation analysis and real-time data to help you slow epigenetic cell aging, Tally Health is a good option.

InsideTracker doesn't diagnose or treat medical conditions. For any health concerns, consult a qualified healthcare professional.