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CNN Money calls it "the best blood test you'll ever take." Find out why.

What is it?

A blood test for truth-seekers.

The date that marks your birthday doesn’t necessarily reflect your body’s internal age. So how old are you, really? InnerAge gets you closer to the truth.

InnerAge is for the fearless. It’s for the proactive. It’s for people who really want to know what is standing in the way of their healthspan – and who are serious about making changes that help them live better, longer.


Take action, see improvements.

Calendar age

Your InnerAge is a measure of your biological age – that is, your internal age. It takes into account how well your body is working given your calendar age, using a group of biomarkers known to influence longevity. 

Your InnerAge can be up to 24 years older or younger than your calendar age! We'll tell you exactly what actions to take to optimize your InnerAge.

Behind the science

Live longer. Live better.

Learning how old your body is on the inside can be shocking. But there’s good news, too. By using the ultra-personalized nutrition and lifestyle guidance provided with your InnerAge test results, you can improve your biological age.

It’s simple. It’s effective. It’s backed by science. Our team of world class experts in the field of aging have spent years reviewing and selecting a set of biomarkers known to be strong predictors of longevity.

In fact, improvements in some InnerAge markers after following personalized nutrition and lifestyle guidance can be seen in our peer-reviewed paper.

These are the blood and lifestyle markers InnerAge evaluates:

Blood biomarkers


High impact

Vitamin D

Medium impact


Medium impact


Medium impact

Testosterone (men)

Low impact

DHEAS (women)

Low impact

Lifestyle factors


Medium impact

Activity score

Medium impact

Learn more about these markers and how they impact InnerAge.

“Everyone seeks longevity, but not everyone is brave enough to take a cold, hard look inside. InnerAge uses your blood data and rigorously researched science to reveal your biological age.”

Gil Blander, PhD

Founder, InsideTracker

Success stories

Taking back the years.

From scientists to cyclists, InnerAge users are seeing amazing results.

“I was impressed. I didn’t expect to gain an extra decade. And I certainly didn’t expect it to happen over a matter of months. So when I got my InnerAge results just a few days ago, I was jumping for joy.”
David Sinclair
Harvard Medical School, professor of genetics
“At 50, I'm now stronger & more energetic than I was in my 20's. I lift, run and cycle, and InsideTracker is a huge help to keep me on track. I love what you're doing!“
“Periodic testing with InsideTracker allows me to make the necessary adjustments as my body reacts to aging, training and work/life stress.“
Lisa Beaser
“The InsideTracker nutrition suggestions helped me optimize my health and body, and I believe the changes I have made – however slight – will make a notable difference.“
President of USA Triathlon