What is InsideTracker?

How is InsideTracker different from my annual blood test?

Which biomarkers does InsideTracker measure?

InsideTracker measures key biomarkers refined through extensive research from a list of 3000 by InsideTracker’s scientists based on their relevance for athletic performance and wellbeing. These biomarkers include: albumin, ALT, AST, calcium, cholesterol, chromium, cortisol, c-reactive protein, creatine kinase, ferritin, folic acid, GGT, glucose, HDL, hemoglobin, LDL, magnesium, potassium, serum iron, SHBG, sodium, TIBC, total testosterone, free testosterone, transferrin saturation, triglycerides, UIBC, vitamin B12, vitamin D, white blood cell count, and zinc. For more information about the biomarkers tested in each InsideTracker plan, visit our Plans page.

What are the InsideTracker Basic Home Kit and Advanced Home Kit?

InsideTracker's Basic and Advanced Home Kits enable our customers to collect their own blood samples in the comfort of their own homes. The Basic Home Kit is available anywhere in the US. Using a blood collection cassette, you nick your finger, collect 3-4 drops of blood, then mail the sample to us. From just a few drops of blood, you receive personalized blood analysis and sophisticated recommendations for 5 essential biomarkers. Just collect the sample, seal it in the prepaid mailer, and drop it in any mailbox. For more information about the InsideTracker Basic Home Kit, visit the Home Kit page.

Available worldwide (except New York), the Advanced Home Kit is an exciting new InsideTracker service. Using a blood spot collection card, you nick your finger in the comfort of you own home and collect a sample of several drops of blood. The Advanced Home Kit includes a prepaid 2-day UPS return shipping envelope to make it easy for you to return the sample to us. From just a small blood sample, you receive personalized blood analysis and sophisticated recommendations for 7 biomarkers key to overall well-being and performance, including cortisol, CRP, and vitamin D. Just collect your sample, seal it in the prepaid* shipping pouch, and return via UPS. For more information about the InsideTracker Advanced Home Kit, visit the Home Kit page.

*Outside the US, you pay the cost of return shipping.

Which InsideTracker plan should I choose?


Is InsideTracker available in my area?

*Everywhere except New York.

I live outside the U.S. Can I use InsideTracker?

Yes, international customers now have two great InsideTracker options. First, you can purchase the Advanced Home Kit to test 7 key biomarkers in the comfort of your own home for just $249 plus the cost of return shipping. Second, you can take advantage of InsideTracker's Do-It-Yourself (DIY) option in which you can upload your previous blood test information (for example, from an annual physical) into our program for only $49US. You can upload the results in international units, and we will convert them to US standard units. For more information about InsideTracker Advanced Home Kit or DIY, visit our Plans page.


Do I have to pay extra for the blood test?

NO additional cost for the blood test. The cost of the Fitness, Performance or Ultimate blood test at a lab testing location is included in the cost of these plans. If you would like to have an at-home blood test, there is an additional fee of $80. The cost of the test kit is included in the Home Kit plan.

Does InsideTracker accept insurance or healthcare savings account (HSA) payments?

At this time, InsideTracker does not accept insurance, and InsideTracker plans are not eligible for HSA coverage.

Can I give InsideTracker as a gift?

Yes, you can give InsideTracker as a gift. Please email for details.

Blood testing

How long does it take to arrange my blood draw?

What do I do to get ready for the blood draw?

Where will I have my blood drawn?

How soon do I get my results?

How often should I have my blood tested?


How soon do I get my results?

Your blood analysis and InsideTracker recommendations will be available 5-7 business days after your blood draw.

Does InsideTracker recommend supplement brands?

When appropriate, InsideTracker may recommend taking a supplement to help improve a biomarker, but we do not recommend any specific brands, and have no connection to any supplement company.

Getting in touch with InsideTracker

How can I contact InsideTracker?

InsideTracker welcomes your questions and comments. Please email us at