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Our favorite thing in the world is hearing testimonials from people just like you (chocolate is a close second). From optimizing energy levels and improving overall wellness, to boosting fitness and turning back the biological clock, our InsideTracker community is thriving!


More energy. Improved sleep. Optimal wellness.

Joseph Roberts
Retired Master Sergeant, US Army
“My results over the last year-and-a-half have helped in my rehabilitation from a roadside bomb explosion in Iraq in 2007.“
Hilary Patzer
Body architect/acupuncturist
“Guessing what your body is craving or overdosing on is a huge gamble... InsideTracker takes the guess work out of staying healthy, competitive and sharp!.“
Cara Harbstreet
Registered dietitian
“Seeing my results in the easy-to-navigate portal let me quickly ID a few top priorities and with simple changes to my meals and supplements, I saw measurable improvements when I repeated the test.“
Ken Lubin
Founder of Executive Athletes
“InsideTracker is a game-changer. It has given me the tools and awareness of what it takes to fuel my body to achieve in the office, on the road, and in the arena.“
Brian Vaughan
Founder & CEO of GU Energy Labs
“I can track key blood biomarkers and understand correlations between diet, exercise & overall health – precisely what’s needed to have a successful season.“
Katie Ringley
Clinical consultant pharmacist
“I love that InsideTracker not only looks at normal healthy ranges, but looks at optimal ranges for you individually and creates programs and dietary interventions within that.“


New PRs. Better recovery. Less injury.

Hailey Manning
Co-Founder of Coeur Sports
“I am able to adjust my diet if I am showing deficient in a marker and InsideTracker makes it so easy by suggesting what foods will impact certain markers.“
Thomas Flores
Fiscal manager
“With the results from my InsideTracker test, I've found a combination that has worked for me thus far and continue to improve my speed and race times.“
Amy Farrell
Teacher and coach
“I was immediately enlightened on what my body actually needed to perform better. I’m in my 2nd season as a masters triathlete and I’ve never felt better and recovered better in my life!“
Christopher Powell
Airline pilot
“InsideTracker doesn’t just look at me as a data point, but sees me as an individual athlete with individual needs and goals. My personal performance, as a result, has increased dramatically.“
Sarah Duffy
Marketing manager
“I’ve seen both elevated performance and a new awareness of what’s going on 'under the hood.' It’s true what they say: knowledge is power!“
Kristen Larimer
Software developer
“InsideTracker has given me invaluable insight into areas for improvement that I didn't even know that I had... it's made a measurable difference in the pursuit of my goals.“
Juan Menases
Structural engineer
“By figuring out what my body needs, and how it’s reacting to what I’m doing, InsideTracker has allowed me to unlock my true potential and further helped me reach my goals.“
Mary Johnson
Founder of Lift. Run. Perform.
“InsideTracker helped guide me to safer levels of Vitamin D, reverse low iron through better diet choices, and helped uncover other nutrient levels that were not optimized.“

Strength & Fitness

More gains. Less pain. Better days off.

Mark Melancon
MLB All Star pitcher
“InsideTracker has been extremely beneficial to my training. I am able to pinpoint nutritional deficiencies and set more accurate training goals.“
Janet Simmons
Editor and mom
“With InsideTracker, I learned which foods help my body prepare for – and recover from – the hardest Crossfit workouts.“
Karen HAYS
Business owner and mom
“InsideTracker has given me the tools to help prevent injury so I can train 6x a week.“
Katie Shaw
Retail manager and CF-L1 coach
“I now know exactly what foods and supplements are going to help me make gains in my performance and overall health.“
Mike Testa
Professor and CF-L2 coach
“This tool is invaluable. It gives coaches the right data and metrics to create personalized nutrition programs that ensure the best chance of performance success.“
Ken Andrukow
Owner of Crossfit Ramsay
“Pairing your results from blood tests with nutrition recommendations on an easy-to-use platform is simply one of the most powerful tools for health and wellness.“
Greg Mountain
Owner of Crosstown Crossfit
“I learned I was training hard enough, but not eating enough real food to get optimum results. Blood doesn’t lie.“

Healthy aging

Turn back the biological clock.

Jodee Siff
“I found out I have high cholesterol, and more important, my glucose… if I don’t watch it, I’ll be diabetic! If not for InsideTracker, I would never have thought this possible.“
Kristi Wood
“At 50, I'm now stronger & more energetic than I was in my 20's. I lift, run and cycle, and InsideTracker is a huge help to keep me on track. I love what you're doing!“
Lisa Beaser
“Periodic testing with InsideTracker allows me to make the necessary adjustments as my body reacts to aging, training and work/life stress.“
Barry Siff
President of USA Triathlon
“The InsideTracker nutrition suggestions helped me optimize my health and body, and I believe the changes I have made – however slight – will make a notable difference.“
Karen Fabian
Founder of Bare Bones Yoga
“The InsideTracker team is knowledgeable and always looking for ways that they can help people find their best solution for whatever their active lifestyle entails!“