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About the blog

The InsideTrack is a blog about taking control of your well-being and athletic performance with the knowledge you gain from InsideTracker blood analysis. Check here for practical fitness and nutrition information that will give you a roadmap to achieving your athletic and personal wellness goals.


About the authors

Perrin Braun

Perrin is a nutrition and public health graduate student at Tufts University. In her spare time, she enjoys running, hot yoga, and thinking about her next meal.

Meghan Johnson

Meghan is a dual-degree nutrition and public health masters student at Tufts University. She hails from Philadelphia, by way of DC, and has finally stopped calling the T 'the metro.' You can usually find her restaurant-hopping, runnig or tweeting about food policy and health (and occasionally doing all three at once).

Emily Wei

Emily is a dual-degree public health and nutrition graduate student at Tufts University. A California native, she’s a lover of running, traveling, Bay Area sports, culinary pursuits, and the great outdoors.

Kalyn Weber

Kalyn is a nutritionist and public health graduate student at Tufts University. She also teaches a health and wellness class to MIT undergraduates. Kalyn is a fan of running, hiking, and craft beer.

Erin Moore

Erin is InsideTracker's client services manager, a holistic wellness coach, and an alum of Bates College as well as the Emerson/Tufts health communication graduate program. She enjoys travel, yoga, 5Ks, and all things food-related.

Ray Nguyen

Ray received his undergraduate degree in biology with a minor in chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He describes himself as a long-distance runner, a foodie, and an avid sports fan.