Optimize your body outperform your goals

Forget the guessing games. No two bodies are the same.

Use the power of blood to ensure you’re mission-ready at all times.

Know exactly what each operator needs. Track progress. See results.


And your team doesn’t get a warm-up before the mission. Their bodies are their best weapons. They have tough jobs, with long days, little sleep, and no time to eat.

We arm Human Performance Staff with the tools they need to address critical performance variables – like fatigue, adaptability and stress – through the lens of cutting edge, personalized science.



Select the InsideTracker Team Platform package that fits your needs.

We offer customized solutions based on each team’s unique goals and organizational structure, including testing options, operator accessibility, standalone software, and more.

Set up a customized operator roster on your Team Platform dashboard.

Your team, your dashboard: upload your own logo, add individual operator information, create and organize multiple teams across the platform. An InsideTracker representative will work with you one-on-one to get you started.

Get your team tested or import operator data.

Whether you set up an on-site team blood draw or visit a central testing lab, operator results will automatically be imported to your team dashboard. You can also import existing operator bloodwork data.

Receive customized team and operator analytics.

Human Performance Staff receive a customized team nutrition plan, and team analytics organized by individual biomarkers and biomarker groups, along with customized recommendations. Operators also receive access to their individual Action Plans.

Work with your team to make recommended changes.

Speak the same language as your operators. Help them fine tune their customized Action Plans and implement food and supplement recommendations with real time feedback.

Track progress. Retest every 2–3 months.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. That’s why it is critical to track team biomarkers over time. Retest to see what’s working – and what’s not.



here's what you'll get

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Team & operator data all in one dashboard

Speak the same language across your organization by viewing critical performance categories like endurance, strength and stress, arranged by optimization levels – all in one centralized location.

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Provide Human Performance Staff with summary information

Get a snapshot of your team as a whole, with the ability to drill down to the individual operator level and view detailed biomarker information as it changes over time.

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Customized team nutrition

Get a customized view of team nutrition, arranged by critical performance categories. Improve cafeteria options, snack bags and off-duty meals with scientific precision by choosing from the recommended Focus Foods that best suit your organization.

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Team analytics by biomarker

Make science-driven team decisions on food and supplementation with the ability to easily share de-identified operator data throughout your organization in a safe, data-secure environment.



here's what you'll get

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Personalized Action Plan

When it comes to training, everything counts. As an operator, you need a unique Action Plan that gets you to your goals. Created for you, based on you, specific to your needs.

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Optimal zones

Forget normal; you’re elite. Aim for optimal – a narrower biomarker range based on your body that sets you up for success.

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Customized nutrition & supplements

Whey protein or chicken for recovery?
Walnuts or kale for stress?
What to do for cholesterol?
Your body is unique, and so is what it needs.

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Tracking made simple

Your biomarkers adjust in response to the changes you make. Visually tracking data over time is essential to see what’s working – and what’s not.

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Reminders & tips

On or off duty, your life is busy. We all need help staying on track. Set customizable reminders and receive insightful tips via text or email.

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Easy communication

Speak the same language as the Human Performance Staff in order to reach your goals. With permission, they can see what you see.