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High Performance Plan

Take your training to the next level with the High Performance Plan. By focusing on the biomarkers most relevant to strength, endurance, and recovery, High Performance highlights the areas holding you back — so you can get to the top of your game.

InsideTracker works to improve your wellness. The proof is in the data. Read about our peer-reviewed scientific paper.

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Biomarkers High Performance
Strength & Endurance Total Testosterone
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin
Creatine Kinase
Free Testosterone
Bone & Muscle Vitamin D
Brain & Body Vitamin B12
Oxygen & Performance Hemoglobin
Inflammation hs-CRP
Liver Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT)
Energy & Metabolism Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c)
Pricing 1 High Performance Plan $299
2 High Performance Plans Save $79
4 High Performance Plans Save $240
Add mobile blood draw for $96

Why They Love It

"I am always so excited to get the results & see where my body stands, recovery & nutrition wise!"
"Every Fit affiliate should provide this service to their members."
"It has allowed me to assess how those competing demands are affecting my health and body…"
"It has made a huge difference in my training."
"With InsideTracker, you understand your athletic demands and manage your diet to maximize performance."
"I have learned more about myself and my body in the last few months than I ever have."
"The results were a reminder of the importance of proper sleep and iron intake while at altitude."
"I'm much more in the driver’s seat of providing my body with the optimal fuel it needs most, without having to guess…"
"I found a few things that I needed to work on and improve and that can make all the difference…when a record is at stake."

Why You Will Love It, Too

Our plan for individuals looking to push the body and mind to new heights offers a detailed analysis of key biomarkers for performance, strength and recovery. Personalized nutrition, supplement, exercise and lifestyle recommendations are included with the blood test and analysis.

  • No fasting required – Comfort of refueling without worrying about a 12-hour fasting window
  • Super snapshot – Get a look at the most important markers affecting strength and endurance, power, speed, rest and recovery
  • Monitor your progress – You can't measure what you don't monitor. InsideTracker’s cutting-edge platform helps you track your progress over time and measure the effectiveness of changes made
  • Personalized optimal zones – Based on your age, gender, ethnicity, activity levels and goals
  • Recommendations to help you optimize your out-of-range biomarkers – InsideTracker offers a nutrition database with over 7,500 food items scientifically proven to improve specific biomarker levels. Additionally, receive advice on hundreds of supplements as well as lifestyle and exercise suggestions to help you reach your optimal zones
  • Science-based analysis – Each recommendation is backed by science and directly linked to a published, peer-reviewed scientific research publication
  • Upload your data – You can add your data from past blood tests to see a more complete picture over time
  • Secure, online web portal
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With mobile blood draw, we bring the lab to you. Choose to have a licensed phlebotomist arrive at a preferred time and location to conveniently draw your blood. It is the Ultimate convenience.
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