Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps your body to absorb calcium to maintain strong and healthy bones. Unlike most other vitamins, however, most of your vitamin D does not come from food. Instead, your body makes vitamin D from sunshine. But not everyone gets the same amount of vitamin D from the sun. Where you live, how dark your skin is, and how much sunscreen you use all influence how much vitamin D your body makes from the sun’s rays. If you suffer from stress fractures or osteoporosis, you may not have enough Vitamin D. Athletes whose Vitamin D is low may have weaker muscles, especially in their lower legs. Taking too much Vitamin D in supplements, however, can impair athletic performance. InsideTracker will tell you what your optimal Vitamin D levels should be based on your age, gender, ethnicity, activity level, and lifestyle. Your InsideTracker plan will include recommendations for supplements, and foods, such as sardines and mushrooms, that are good sources of vitamin D, as well as lifestyle changes that will help you to raise your levels of this essential vitamin.
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