<a class="ro" href="http://www.insidetracker.com/blog/post/19301996270/introducing-the-new-kid-on-the-block-testosterone">Testosterone</a> is a steroid hormone that is essential to overall health, sexual function, and athletic performance. Both men and women produce testosterone; women normally have very small amounts of this hormone. It’s important to have enough testosterone; this hormone helps to build muscle, improves strength, and increases the body’s capacity to use oxygen during exercise. Too much or too little testosterone can cause problems. Excess testosterone decreases the levels of HDL (good) cholesterol, affects heart health, and impairs sexual and reproductive function. If you’re feeling tired, uninterested in sex, and less competitive, you may have low testosterone, which can undermine your athletic performance. Overtraining can result in low testosterone levels. Recent studies have suggested that deficiencies in zinc and magnesium may contribute to testosterone deficiency. InsideTracker will tell you what your testosterone levels should be based on your age, gender, ethnicity, activity level, and lifestyle. If your testosterone is low, InsideTracker can tell you about simple changes to your workout schedule, sleep, and alcohol consumption that will help you to increase your testosterone levels.
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