“…your blood doesn’t lie.”

Jarrod Shoemaker, U.S. Triathlete Olympian


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Would you like to be stronger, run faster, have more energy, and beat your personal best? InsideTracker can help.

InsideTracker has worked with many triathletes, including Olympians such as Jarrod Shoemaker and Sarah Haskins. Our video “Optimal Athletic Performance for Triathletes” explains how InsideTracker can help you to improve your athletic performance and achieve your goals.

With just a small amount of blood, InsideTracker measures up to 20 key blood biomarkers – hormones, critical vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that affect wellbeing and athletic performance.

InsideTracker’s proprietary algorithm uses your unique information, such as age, gender, ethnicity, and activity level, as well as your lifestyle and performance goals, to derive your optimal zone for each biomarker. If your results are outside of this zone, InsideTracker gives you simple, yet effective, nutrition, exercise, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations for how to bring those markers into your optimal zone. An InsideTracker Plan is a roadmap to help you to improve the quality of your life and athletic performance. An InsideTracker Plan will help you to achieve your best triathlon performance!

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